Sunday, March 9, 2008

I love my Husband!-Kitchen Story

I just wanted to say that I really, really, really love him!

For Christmas this year my parents decided to help with the remodel of the kitchen. We live in a 1940's built home with little remodeling done to it. The story starts that my wonderful son smashed a overipe avacado into the super horrible carpet (yes carpet in the kitchen in September 2007) and since we were trying to decided on the best way to get the floor redone my husband started ripping up the carpet just in the spot where the avacodo was. That did not last. The entire carpet came out and oh the smells....

So fast forward a bit and my dad comes by and sees the kitchen and asks when we are going to get going on it. Anyone with a special needs child will tell you that there are just so many other expenses that you do without for quite a while.

So for our Christmas Presents this year our parents both chipped in to help with the kitchen remodel. My parents provided the floor, countertop and dishwasher (yes a built in one) and my husbands parents provided the brand new sink and faucet and plumbing stuff!

Our previous sink had the faucet off on one side coming out of the wall and it did not even reach the second sink. Now we have an extra deep stainless steele sink and faucet that reaches both of the sinks! It was a dream come true. The counter, sink and dishwasher went in before Christmas with the promise of the floor to go in after we painted.

We did that about 3 weeks ago. We did it too- we did not make Harrison do it all but he really wanted to help and why not in your jammies?

So today was the day for the floor. My husband did an amazing job. Even the transition pieces are in... We still have to finish painting the trim and get wooden baseboard but I can finally after months of not being able to walk into the kitchen barefoot or without slippers without hard soles I have the most gorgous floor to walk barefoot of if I want to! Just see! If you got this far make sure to leave a message for my husband to tell him what a great job he did! I am on top of the world.

The flu is behind me just now working on getting rid of the cough and the runny nose! But I feel so much better! I am glad that I have a doctor who listens! Yeah!
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