Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28/2012 Ustream ShowTri-Fold Mini Album Cutting Guide

Tri-Fold Mini Album

Base Album Cutting & Scoring Guide:
2- 5.5 X 12 base cardstock color
Score each piece at 2”, 4” , 8” and 10” on the long side
1 ½ “ from the top and bottom of the short side cut from the 2” score line to the 10” score line
2- 4 X 5.5 Base Cardstock Color
2-6 X 5.5 Base Cardstock Color
1- 4 X 5.5 base color
2- 3.75 X 5.25 Pattern #1
2- 3.75 X 5.25 Pattern #2
2- 1.75 X 5.25 Pattern #4
2- 1.75 X 2.25 Pattern #1
4- 1.75 X 1.25 Pattern #1
2- 2.25 X 3.75 Pattern #2
4- 1.25 X 3.75 Pattern #3
2- 1.75 X 2.25 Pattern #4
4-1.75 X 1.25 Pattern #3
1- 3.75 X 5.25 Pattern #2

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dotty For You Layouts!

Tag Swap from Crystle!

This is the awesome tag and card that I got from Crystle.  The colors are so bright and pretty!  Finished my handmade cardstock light box to photograph in!  Thanks Crystle!  You can check out more of her artwork here!

Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21/12 USTREAM Class: Dotty For You Summer Mini Album using Die Cut Cards and Envelopes

Dotty for You Summer Mini Album with Die Cut Cards from CTMH

Recommended CTMH Product Supply List:
CC1017 Dotty For You Paper Collection $5 with a $35 Order
Z1738    Colonial White Die Cut Cards and Envelopes $6.95 for 10
Z1375     Kraft Cardstock $9.50 for 24 sheets
Z534        Microtip Scissors (my Favorite ever)
C1440                 Take a Picture Acrylix Stamp Set
Z1377     Kraft Boarders (available on website only)

Cutting Guide:
18 pieces         3.75 X 3.25 Page bases
3 pieces           2 X 3.5  flap pockets  
6 pieces           3.75 X 5.5 Envelope Base Pages
2 piece s           2.25X3.75  Envelope Flap
3 pieces           3 X 3.75 Top Tags
3 pieces           3.5 X 4.24 Side Tags
2 pieces           5.25 X 5 Front/Back Covers
1 piece             2 X 5 Outer Spine
2 pieces           4 X 3.75 inside covers
1 piece             2X 3.75 inside spine
1 piece             3 7/8 X 1.75 spine
1 piece             3 7/8 X 2.25 Spine
1 pieces           3 7/8 X 2.75 Spine

Chipboard Pieces:
2 pieces           4 X 4.25
1 piece             4 X 1.5

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/17 Flowers-Pemberley Collection-So Pretty

This evening I took a class from Christine Sawvell of Because Every Picture has a Story to Tell on Ustream.  I learned to make these awesome flowers with the Cheery Lynn Designs Dies and Close to My Hearts Pemberley Collection.  I cant wait to make a scrapbook layout using these beautiful flowers.  For tonight I am just a sparkly girl ready for bed!

Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14/2012 Ustream Class: Friendship Bouquet Die Cut Cards

5/14/2012 Ustream Class
Friendship Bouquet Die Cut Cards

CTMH Product List:
S1205              Friendship Bouquet Stamp Set
X7148B          Pemberley Paper Collection
Z1738              Colonial White Die-Cut Cards and Envelopes
Z1377              Color Ready Kraft Borders (on-line purchase only)
Z1269              Filigree Charms
Z1349              Designer Brads- Shimmer
Z1104              Sparkles
Z1263              Bitty Sparkles
Z118                Buttercup Organza Ribbon (retired)
Z1142              Brown Stazon Pad
Z2162              Honey Ink
Z2140              Outdoor Denim
Z2316              Dessert Sand Marker
Z2337              Olive Marker
Z2311              Chocolate Marker
Z2362              Honey Marker
Z2310              Buttercup Marker
1771                Waterbrush
Y1002             1”X 3 ½”  Acrylix Block
Y1003             2” X 2” Acrylix Block
Y1012             4” X 5” Acrylix Block

Cutting Guides:

Card #1:
Colonial White Cardstock: 2.5 X 1.5
Pattern #1:  3.5 X 8, 3.5 X 2
Ribbon/Strip of Cardstock/Zip Strip: 0.5 X 3.5, 0.5 X 5.5
Solid Cardstock: 3 X 1.75
Pattern #2:  2 X 2.5

Card #2
Pattern #3: 2.5 X 8
Pattern #1: 1 X 8
Scallop Edge/Ribbon/Zip Strip: 0.5 X 8
Colonial White Cardstock: 3.5 X 2, 2.75 X 1.5
Solid Cardstock #1: 2 7/8 X 1.75, 2 X 3.5
Solid Cardstock #2: 3.5 X 1.75

Card #3
Pattern #4: 3 X 8, 3 X 2
Solid Cardstock #2: 2.5 X 4.5
Colonial White Cardstock: 3.5 X2
Solid Cardstock #1: 1 X 3.5

Card #4
Pattern #1: 2 X 8, 2 X 2
Zip Strip/Ribbon/Pattern Paper: 0.5 X 8, 0.5 X 2
Scallop Edge: 0.5 X 3.25
Colonial White Cardstock:  4 X 1.25

Card #5
Pattern #4:  3.25 X 8, 1 X 11 (for pleats)
Solid Cardstock #2: 3 X 2
Pattern #2: 3 X 1.5
Pattern #5: 2.75 X 1.5

Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7/12 Finally on the Road to Recovery

As many of you know I have not felt well the past couple of weeks.  I have been overly tired, and then with all the chaos of the month with the car accident, stresses about homeschooling, testing, appointments, and work I really thought I had just spread myself a bit too thin.

That was not the case.  Starting about April 19th my leg started getting what I call "Crampy".  It did not really hurt but felt like I had done a ton of walking and that my legs were just tired and a bit sore.  You know that feeling you get after starting to exercise and your muscles are telling you they like the way they have become.

Anyhow I worked over the following weekend and the "Crampy" just got a bit worse.  I was still able to walk on it however I was very uncomfortable.  I thought the combonation of lack of sleep, and stress was the reason I was not feeling well and canceled my Ustream Show on 4/23/12.  I just felt bad.  By Wednesday, I had pain in my calf and the "crampy" was much worse.  I finally called the doctor and on 4/26 I went to Urgent Care and was Dignosised with blood clots in my lower leg.  A New one behind my right knee and another in the deep vein of my calf.  (I have a history of blood clots and pulmonary embolisms) So with the confirmation of the blood clot I was off to bed for a week in hopes that things would quickly start to resolve themselves with the medications that I had been prescribed.  That is not the case.  Things did not get better.

I had one good day on May 2nd, but not so good that I was my old self.  My friend came to visit on Thursday afternoon and mentioned that I was so winded when I walked and looked pretty yellow.  I was finally honest with myself and realized that I was not getting better.  I was trying but it was not working.  I had a follow-up appointment with my regular doctor on Friday, May 4th, at 10 AM.  The staff of the doctors office noticed right away that I was not my normal self and when I saw the doctor I was honest that my chest hurt in a couple of places when I took a deep breathe.  After some tests and lots of walking around and waiting I was admitted to the hospital for the weekend with DVT's in my legs and PE'S in my lungs.


The hospital staff was great and by Sunday I felt the best that I have in a couple of weeks time.

I did not notice how bad I felt.  I was doing what I always do which is keep going and pushing through.  This time my pushing and keep going really could have cost my family so much more than a few piles of dirty laundry, a pile of dirty dishes, and a couple of take-out meals.  I could have been taken from them.

Honestly, I was very scared.  This condition is something that I knew I had and I choose not to tell those around me how serious it is or was getting.  I need to work on letting others help me when we need it.  A hard lesson but one that I think I have learned this time.

Susan is going to do my Ustream Show again this evening.  And I will be back next week with a new project using the CTMH May Stamp of the Month, Pemberley Collection and lots of fun embellishments So remember to come see me at 6:00 PM PST on Ustream next week- 5/14/2012.

Blessings to everyone!