Thursday, April 3, 2008

So Sorry-Blog Break

Wow it is amazing how quickly time gets away from you. It is spring break here and getting my son settled for Kindergarten has taken most of my time the past few weeks. For those who may not understand, when you have a disabled child then sometimes it feels like all you do is put out fires and when you learn that someone is not being honest about what is available or your idea is not what "they" think is best boy people can drag thier feet.

Anyway... April is Autism Awareness Month. I will have an auction set up on Ebay by the end of the weekend to Benefit Families Together ( which includes 20+ one page layouts featuring a CARS Theme. These are perfect for the little guys in your life that love the little cars and the movie. I will post a link once I get everything photographed and the auction listed on Ebay.

FACT: Families Together spends over $1500 per family in thier family enrichment program, when you consider that this includes a hotel room, meals and supplies for the weekend and, home visits, advocacy and information in a box, they really know how to stretch a dollar! Make a donation to them today or Purchase Eustacia Cutlers Book from them as over 50% of the cost stays with the non-profit!
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