Monday, February 4, 2013

2/4/13 Tussy Mussy Swap Sign-up Open!

Tussy Mussy Swap
Date Due:  March 18th, 2012
Swap Type:  1:1
Sign-ups Close:  February 12th, 2013 at 12 midnight PST

What is a Tussy Mussy?

History:   During the English Gregorian period (1714--1760), pestilence was rampant and indoor plumbing was not. Elegant ladies would often carry small bouquets of fragrant herbs and flowers to fend off noxious odors. Also known as nosegays, tussy mussies remained popular through the Victorian era.


Significance: Tussy mussies came to be used as gifts, especially when a suitor would call on a young lady. Every flower had a meaning, and ladies referred to a book called the "Tussy Dictionary" to decipher the message. 


A tussy dictionary is located here:


Features:  A traditional Victorian style tussy mussy is arranged with a central flower surrounded by one or two rings of flowers in contrasting colors. The stems are tied with ribbon or held in an ornate silver cone-shaped holder, which is also commonly referred to as a tussy mussy.

1.      You must create a Tussy Mussy (The Cone Shaped Holder) which can be a recycled or altered item or made from heavy weight cardstock.  Please make sure it is sturdy enough to house the flowers and able to be hung from ribbon or wire without damage.
2.      Handmade or Semi-handmade Flowers, leaves and fillers should fill the Tussy Mussy trying to use the language of flowers to convey a hidden message to your swap partner.
3.      Create a handmade reveal card with your name and Ustream/Blog information.
4.      Partners will be assigned on Feb 18th, 2013 on my weekly Ustream Show.  I plan on offering some flower styles and meanings at that class.
5.      You will be shipping directly to your swap partner.  You are required to obtain delivery confirmation so that all packages can be tracked.
6.      We will have a reveal day on March 18th, 2013 where each participate is encourage to make a short video or Ustream show to see the opening of the package.  We love to see real life.  If you are unable to do a video that is ok, you can still participate but please send us photos, post on facebook, or your blog.

How Do I Sign Up?

Send your name and mailing address to Gerriann at
Also please include your favorite color combinations. 

Updated 2/7/2013:
  1. Gerriann Armstrong
  2. Christine Sawvell
  3. Toni Addison
  4.  Boni
  5.  Dawn
  6.  Lucinda
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