Thursday, November 6, 2008

Washington Autism Advocacy Group

Washington Autism Advocacy(WAA) is a grass roots state-wide coalition of families with children affected by an autism spectrum disorder.

WAA has become a leading voice in the rights of children with autism in Washington state. Our members come from all walks of life and with many experiences, but one core belief binds us together – that our children deserve to be given every opportunity to become productive members of our community.

Over the past two years, WAA has introduced legislation focused on effectively supporting children with autism. WAA has been instrumental in passing two critical pieces of legislation supporting autism including "Honoring Individuals with Autism - HR 4697 SR 8724"and "SSB6743 Regarding Training and Guidelines for Teachers of Students with Autism, and the Educational Guidelines for Parents and Educators of Students with Autism."

Our 2008-09 legislative agenda focuses on bringing Autism Insurance Parity(AIP) to Washington state. For updates on AIP visit our website

To learn more about the WAA, thier work and how you can help please visit thier website and sign up to get the legislative updates and help where you can!

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