Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All in a days play!

Well what a day. Anyone with a special needs child will tell you that some days it really does not pay to get up. However we made it through Speech, OT, errands, preschool, dinner and then to Rollerskating at the Elementry School Skate Night only to spend the evening in the ER. Yep! Harrison broke his elbow rollerskating tonight. I am usually so over protective of him however I remember skating at the roller rink and never broke anything.....well I guess not everyone has the same experience. As will most children with autism Harrison has a huge pain tolerance and when he says something hurts we always sit up and listen. So I decided to head to the ER tonight and I am glad that we did. He has a ace bandge fiberglass splint (that is not going to last) which he promptly asked for it to come off. He does not like the sling either-we will see what that will bring tomorrow I am sure. Anyhow here are some great photos from skating tonight and my brave little guy with his new accessory.
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