Saturday, March 16, 2013

3/16 Pre-Orders for Cub Scout Honey From Harrison

Hey Guys! Our Cub Scout Pack needs to put in our pre-orders for our Cub Scout Honey Fundraiser. 

Unfortunately the BBQ Sauce that everyone is asking me about is no longer available from the manufacturer. 

I need a count by Sunday to turn in our pre-order however we will have some to sell that is not spoken for.  Money is not due to us until the Honey Tasting Party on April 14th, 2013.  If you do not live in Spokane I will cover your shipping costs to you.

We have the have the following:

We have wild flower honey bears ($11), 

huckleberry honey bears ($11), 
honey mustard ($11), 
huckleberry gift set-1 creamed jar and a 1 liquid jar ($22),
creamed honey spreads ( $11 each): cinnamon, raspberry, huckleberry, and wildflower.

Give me an idea of what you want so that our Pack orders enough of your favorite flavors. 

I'd hate to have Harrison have to tell you that we are out of that one. 

As always orders include a handmade cub scout thank you tag, hand stamped, colored and signed by Harrison.


Our Cub Scout Pack has only 20 bags of the Chocolatey Triple Delight left from the fall popcorn sale.  

It is $10 per bag and if you check out my blog you will see that we are pre-ordering WA State Honey.  

This helps the kids go to day camp and summer sleep away camp.  

Mr. H has grown so much because of the Cub Scout Program.  PM me if you want some!  I will cover shipping!

Thanks everyone!

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