Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7/12 Finally on the Road to Recovery

As many of you know I have not felt well the past couple of weeks.  I have been overly tired, and then with all the chaos of the month with the car accident, stresses about homeschooling, testing, appointments, and work I really thought I had just spread myself a bit too thin.

That was not the case.  Starting about April 19th my leg started getting what I call "Crampy".  It did not really hurt but felt like I had done a ton of walking and that my legs were just tired and a bit sore.  You know that feeling you get after starting to exercise and your muscles are telling you they like the way they have become.

Anyhow I worked over the following weekend and the "Crampy" just got a bit worse.  I was still able to walk on it however I was very uncomfortable.  I thought the combonation of lack of sleep, and stress was the reason I was not feeling well and canceled my Ustream Show on 4/23/12.  I just felt bad.  By Wednesday, I had pain in my calf and the "crampy" was much worse.  I finally called the doctor and on 4/26 I went to Urgent Care and was Dignosised with blood clots in my lower leg.  A New one behind my right knee and another in the deep vein of my calf.  (I have a history of blood clots and pulmonary embolisms) So with the confirmation of the blood clot I was off to bed for a week in hopes that things would quickly start to resolve themselves with the medications that I had been prescribed.  That is not the case.  Things did not get better.

I had one good day on May 2nd, but not so good that I was my old self.  My friend came to visit on Thursday afternoon and mentioned that I was so winded when I walked and looked pretty yellow.  I was finally honest with myself and realized that I was not getting better.  I was trying but it was not working.  I had a follow-up appointment with my regular doctor on Friday, May 4th, at 10 AM.  The staff of the doctors office noticed right away that I was not my normal self and when I saw the doctor I was honest that my chest hurt in a couple of places when I took a deep breathe.  After some tests and lots of walking around and waiting I was admitted to the hospital for the weekend with DVT's in my legs and PE'S in my lungs.


The hospital staff was great and by Sunday I felt the best that I have in a couple of weeks time.

I did not notice how bad I felt.  I was doing what I always do which is keep going and pushing through.  This time my pushing and keep going really could have cost my family so much more than a few piles of dirty laundry, a pile of dirty dishes, and a couple of take-out meals.  I could have been taken from them.

Honestly, I was very scared.  This condition is something that I knew I had and I choose not to tell those around me how serious it is or was getting.  I need to work on letting others help me when we need it.  A hard lesson but one that I think I have learned this time.

Susan is going to do my Ustream Show again this evening.  And I will be back next week with a new project using the CTMH May Stamp of the Month, Pemberley Collection and lots of fun embellishments So remember to come see me at 6:00 PM PST on Ustream next week- 5/14/2012.

Blessings to everyone!

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