Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a Wild Few Months!

Sorry I have not posted in a while. It has been a crazy ride with the School District. As many know that my son has Autism. As I share more and more of our story with people it has become apparent that people dont realize that there are still school districts that practice "Mainstreaming"-letting children visit the typical developing kids in the general education classroom but not fully including them or making it manadtory that the general educaiton teacher to plan or program for kids with disabilites. Children with disabilites need to be fully included with non-disabled peers. Not only because it is what is best for children with disabilites but because it truly is what is best for the non-disabled kids too! They are all our future and with 1 in 150 children (1 in 90 boys) learning to work together needs to be taught early. OK-I am off my soap box now!

Went on a scrapbooking weekend and completed a ton of paper crafting projects. Check back in the next few days as I will try to get something posted each day!

Here is the first project:

A Flower Pot Card!

Have a great day!
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